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3 min readApr 10, 2021


Dear Community,

The Mercor team has been working hard and exciting times are coming. Via these updates we would like to keep the community updated as well as show the community sneak peaks of the platform.

First of all, the development of our platform is still our core focus and will be for some time. However, the business development team has also been busy and primarily focused on finding the right strategical partners as well as investors.

General update

The business development team held several meetings over the past weeks. Primarily with different VC’s, launching pads and strategical partners.

We enjoy seeing and hearing the reactions when showcasing the Alpha environment of the Mercor platform.

Furthermore, we have been in talks with different experts from different fields, that we could soon be adding to the team as advisors.

At this stage it is not possible to disclose any more information about above mentioned topics. We are assured that once we can share some news, it will benefit the whole Mercor community!

Development update — ‘Algorithm detail overview’

As you can see there are multiple functionalities currently available:

  • Informative metrics, such as the status (active or not), managed equity, active traders on this algorithm, and the total earnings that this algorithm has been generating
  • Editing the existing code of the algorithm
  • Developer fee settings (in %)
  • Ticker and frequency manager

In the ‘Mercor Python code editor’, the underlying asset on which the algorithm should be active, can be selected. This is not limited to crypto assets, traditional markets are also available. We will share more information about this integration in a later stage.

Key performance indicators of your algorithms will always show on top of your dashboard.

This fee will be limited by a max percentage.

As the Mercor platform aims to offer developers the possibility to earn from their algorithms, developers are able to set their own fee. This fee will only be calculated on profit, resulting only in revenue for the developers if the algorithms lead to revenue for the investors. Changing the fee does not affect current investors and will only affect future investors.

We hoped you enjoyed this update and we are always open for feedback! More news coming soon!

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