Algorithmic Trading — The Technology of the Future

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2 min readMay 23, 2022

Algorithmic trading, also known as algotrading, took off in the early 21st century. Due to its fully automated nature, algorithmic trading became a popular force on Wall Street and soon after it made its way to the European and Asian markets.

Benefits of Algotrading

Algorithmic trading offers investors a major edge over rivals and has naturally become a necessary tool for large financial institutions across the globe. Much of its strength lies in high frequency trading. High frequency trading enables an algorithm to trade at blinding speeds, down to billionths of a second. Human traders simply couldn’t keep up with their algorithmic counterparts and were left in the dust by the bots. High frequency trading is now used in more than half of the stock- and futures markets.

But the benefits of automated trading are broad. Not only does it enable traders to buy- and sell at lightning speeds, another huge benefit lies in the name itself: automated trading. With time being the most valuable asset, automated trading became more and more valuable. Imagine leaving your desk without having to pause your trades — automated trading takes care of it. Humans have to get some sleep at one point; bots will never. Even the toughest Wall Street veterans need some time off which is why they use the algorithms to do the work for them.

Of course, the big players on Wall Street and other financial markets have billions of dollars to spend on these magical algorithms. How does it apply to more modest investors, you might question. This is where Mercor Finance comes into play.

How to start algotrading

Mercor Finance is the first and only fully decentralized automated trading platform. Mercor aims to democratize the algorithmic trading world by offering top-level trading bots to the everyday trader and novice investors — but also caters to the bigger and more experienced trader.

On the Mercor platform, trading algorithms are buying and selling crypto non-stop. These algorithms work in a similar manner to the ones utilized by large financial players on Wall Street and other financial markets. They are developed by the industry’s leading developers. These developers are long-term partners of Mercor and have years of experience in creating automated trading strategies.

Mercor makes automated investing easy. In only a couple of steps one is invested in an algorithm and has their funds invested, fully automated. So, if you’re looking for a source of passive income, want to start investing in crypto and doing so fully automated, visit the Mercor Dapp here.



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