Announcing Early Beta Access Staking Will Be Coming to a Close

We would like to start by thanking our community for the incredible support shown to us as we developed the framework for the world’s most advanced algorithmic trading platform. During this time, we welcomed some of DeFi’s most respected strategic advisors, attracted some of the best algorithm developers, launched our IDO, and provided passive income opportunities to stakers. Let’s take a look at just how far we’ve come and what exciting developments lie ahead.

A Year of Accomplishments

To fully understand what led to such an incredible first half of the year, we must travel a little further back in time to when Mercor was founded in April of 2020. It was then that our alpha development first started, and in October of that same year, in spite of an ongoing global pandemic, we safely pushed forward and initiated alpha testing.

The results of our alpha testing were promising and built the confidence needed for us to register the Mercor name and release our whitepapers in the first quarter of 2021. Shortly thereafter, we hit our first major milestone as we were selected by BSCstarter to be their first-ever Certified $START IDO. This announcement echoed through the world DeFi and led to key partnerships with advisors like Deeban Ratneswaran and developers such as DarkPool.

Take Advantage of Final Early Beta Access Staking

Q2 of 2021 was especially important for Mercor as we celebrated a listing on Bitmart exchange and opened early Beta access staking for our community. We are thrilled to report that there are currently over 7 million $MRCR tokens staked. However, we must inform you that the early access staking opportunity will come to a close on the 13th of August. This marks your final few days to gain priority access to the democratization of trading algorithms.

Now is the ideal time to take advantage of this lucrative opportunity as all stakers will get early Beta access next month. Keep in mind that you are required to stake a minimum of 7500 $MRCR tokens which can be done on Staking rewards end on the 26th of September.

Disrupting the Algorithmic Trading Market

Our revolutionary platform eliminates the divide that has kept talented algorithm developers and retail traders apart for far too long. Now, everyday traders will have the tools they need to maximize their positions in the crypto volatile market and make strategic decisions rather than emotional ones.

We also provide a digital playground for developers to perfect their creations, using backtesting features, analysis tools, and even community-based competitions to reveal which algorithms perform best. This will motivate developers to continue honing their craft and elevate the success rate of their algorithms. In other words, a win-win situation for traders and creators.

Realize Your Dream of Passive Income With Mercor

Our early Beta access staking allows developers to earn passive income through their algorithmic creations. But retail traders that utilize our platform also have the opportunity to enjoy this same benefit.

Stay tuned for the Beta release next month!

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