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Algorithmic trading takes a more systematic approach in comparison to normal trading. We have seen trends happening in traditional markets, that is now also occurring in crypto markets. The similarities are due to an increasing number of institutional investors in the crypto markets, specializing in algorithmic trading. The challenge comes down to finding a strategy that allows you to repeatedly identify profitable opportunities.

Let’s take a look at a couple of the most common algorithm trading strategies:

Following the Trend (Momentum Trading): Typically, algorithmic trading strategies will follow trends in breakouts, movements in price levels, or other related technical indicators. These strategies are often the easiest since they do not require making predictions or price forecasts.

Known Mathematical Models: Some mathematical models are proven to combine multiple positions with positive and negative differences. In this scenario, the overall change in pricing is zero.

37.32% profit in less than 2 weeks

It’s true; at first, this might seem like a lot to take in, which is a part of the reason that we pride ourselves on being one of the only DeFi platforms to offer algorithm copy trading. First, as a social trading platform, users are invited to create their own profiles and connect with other traders or developers. Here are a few algo creators that might be worth looking into.

Hagakure Crypto

Hagakure Crypto’s algorithm consists of non-linear regression of trend indicators. His experience is based on an extensive course in crypto trading and combined experience in data analysis, which has allowed this user to predict changes in token prices after feeding mathematical models with historical data.

About Hagakure Crypto

Hagakure Crypto relies on mathematics and patterns for prediction, despite his background being slightly different. As an MD and Ph.D. working on cancer research, Hagakura Crypto has learned a thing or two about generating and analyzing data, which has been a part of their practice since 1994. The user shares:

“It all started as a hobby, until in 2019 while browsing through cryptocurrency graphs, I saw something: a periodically emerging pattern in prices of over 300 cryptocurrency tokens.”

On being part of Mercor, Hagakure Crypto said the following:

“I am very excited to become part of Mercor; in my opinion, now is the best time for entering the field of cryptocurrency trading as an early adopter. I hope to establish strong bilateral relations with Mercor in the field of crypto trading analysis.”

AI Alpha

AI Alpha trades with a focus on several different strategies that have been optimized over time. Each strategy uses multi-technical indicators and on-chain data empowered by machine learning. This user shares their aim:

“To always beat the market.”

All previous bot performances have been proven to beat and buy & hold strategies, which AI Alpha uses as benchmarks.

About AI Alpha

AI Alpha’s background is in engineering, with work done in multiple multinational companies in various roles for nearly two decades. Since then, this user has spent five years in the cryptocurrency sphere. It was only shortly after getting involved in crypto that AI Alpha coded their first trading bot. The bot was a fully operational end-to-end tool that could gather market data, connect to exchanges, and place orders on a 24/7 basis.

When asked about being a part of Mercor, AI Alpha shared the following:

“As an algorithm developer, I have reached a point that my algorithms were generating money consistently. I found Mercor to be the first decentralized crypto marketplace where everyone wins, Mercor, investors & algorithm developers! I like the interface and how the solution is implemented in a straightforward and end-user-friendly environment. I believe Mercor will have a great future!”

Automated Copy Trading by World Class Algorithms

Mercor takes on a win-win approach that benefits both developers and investors. Not only do the developers benefit by exploiting their unique skills on the Mercor platform — investors can too! Mercor makes algorithmic trading as accessible as it can be.

We like to aim for a ‘Click and Invest’ experience for traders. Trading has never been easier: the only move you have to make is to stake your $MRCR tokens. After that, you pick an algorithm to your liking, invest, and the trading begins! You don’t have to worry about when to sell or when to buy — the bot does the work for you.

Are you an investor with an interest in automated trading? Looking for the next way to earn a buck? Head over to and enjoy world-class trading bots!



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