How Mercor Protects Your Free Time, With Trading Made Easy

Have you ever woken up in the morning and looked at your favorite coins and saw that through the night, there were highs you wish you sold at or lows you wanted to buy in at? Has your partner ever told you that you look at your “crypto” too much? Who has time to delve into the depths of chart analytics for every new coin they find? You’ve tried swing trading, you’ve attempted to HODL, but now it’s time for you to try something that only large-scale investors and hedge funds have had at their disposal: algorithmic trading.

Our platform puts the power of investment hedge funds in the hands of the people with our new platform that promises to give you back free time while maximizing your potential profits.

Algorithmic Trading: What It Can Do For You

Trading Made Simple

Trading fees — including developer-set variable fees and platform trading fees derived from trades performed by algorithms — are paid in MRCR tokens.

Saving You Time, One Trade at a Time

Trading on Autopilot

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