March Madness

Filled with exchange listings, AMAs and partnerships it’s safe to say that March was full of Madness at Mercor Finance!

Hereby a quick recap on what happened over at Mercor in March

Venus Partnership

Arguably the biggest news of March was that Mercor Finance partnered with Venus Protocol. Venus Protocol is currently the largest decentralized borrowing and lending marketplace on the Binance Smart Chain. The integration of Mercor with Venus Protocol will improve the performance of algorithms and give developers extended tools to create strategies that outperform the market.

Read everything about the partnership here.

Exchange Listing

Mercor is now listed on another CEX: Vindax.
Vindax is a popular Asian-based exchange, focused on connecting a wide audience to cryptocurrencies and blockchain assets. Like Mercor, Vindax focuses on education, hereby enabling novice crypto investors to learn everything about crypto trading. We are continuing our approach of increasing our visibility and attracting new investors through listings. More exciting news is coming real soon.


Mercor hosted plenty of AMAs in March. For the Mercor Developer AMA Series, we had OnePunch Algo as a guest. OnePunch is a prominent developer on the Mercor platform, whose trading strategy showed immaculate results of nearly 900% APY. Read the AMA back here.

We welcomed Pentational, a new developer on the platform and invited her for an AMA, which was extremely insightful. Read it back here.

Furthermore, we hosted the first-ever recorded Mercor AMA, to be seen here.

Moreover, Mercor recently got listed on P2PB2B, a CEX. Accordingly, we organized an AMA in their community.


Several news outlets have picked up the Mercor hype. Big media such as, Marketwatch and AMBCrypto have featured Mercor on their platforms. Stay up to date by clicking here.

Premium Algorithm

The algorithms on the Mercor platform showed immaculate results in March, with

Some algorithms reaching nearly 900% APY.

One Punch Algo (OPAM) for RACABUSDT by OnePunch Algo

On top of that, we are proud to announce that Boosting Alpha has deployed its first premium algorithm on the platform — check it out here!


The Race to 100 and YouTube

Last but not least, the official trading competition of Mercor is still going on. Several algorithms and developers are going head to head which makes it a tight race! You can still compete for great prizes. Click here to join.

The Mercor YouTube is filled with content recently. Our analyst shares his daily insights on the crypto- and other financial markets, you can find recorded AMAs and even tutorials.

Big steps in March but even more coming in the next months! Stay tuned.




Mercor disrupts financial markets by building a bridge between algorithmic trading and every-day investors worldwide. Official website:

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Mercor Finance

Mercor Finance

Mercor disrupts financial markets by building a bridge between algorithmic trading and every-day investors worldwide. Official website:

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