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3 min readOct 25, 2021


The Mercor team has been operating at the highest level, especially with the launch of the beta platform — which has been an unmatched success so far.

We have collaborated with a number of strategic partners that we believe bring a high level of value to the Mercor product and on this note, we are thrilled to announce our latest partnership with a company that knows the benefits of algorithmic trading all too well, Flourishing Capital.

“This partnership will be of enormous value to the Mercor community as well as Flourishing Capital’s community. Combining the algorithms of Flourishing with the powerful decentralized copy trading platform of Mercor Finance has many benefits. We are very proud to announce Flourishing Capital as the first ‘Premium Algorithm’ on Mercor Finance. We are confident that this partnership is just the start of a very fruitful and intensive collaboration. ”

Max, CEO Mercor Finance

A State of the Art Portfolio Manager

Flourishing Capital has set out to build a bridge connecting everyday investors with a data-driven market analysis platform that utilizes the power of AI. Each day, Flourishing collects over 720GB of data from more than 4,500 markets which includes wallet balances and daily transactions, to get a clear scope of the movement of capital in and out of the crypto market and the impact it has on numerous cryptocurrency pairs.

Flourishing AI also provides its users with active blockchain monitoring, portfolio rebalancing, high-frequency trading, target price probability analysis, and early detection of bullish and bearish market patterns. With these vital tools, investors can execute trades based on true market fundamentals and quantitative analysis, instead of relying on emotionally-driven decisions that stem from social media influences and FOMO. All of which we are now integrating onto the Mercor platform.

The First Premium Algorithm on The Mercor Platform

Premium algorithms are a highly anticipated feature of the Mercor platform, mainly for their many benefits. Mercor sets the standards for premium bots extremely high. They have to be created by a well-known hedge fund or development entity. Furthermore, premium algo’s must have a proven live track record and are required to have proven backtesting results. Moreover, Mercor requires the algo’s to have proven efficiency in different market conditions. Needless to say, these bots are vetted and approved by the Mercor team.

The Mercor team is pleased to announce that we have found the right partner to provide us with the first premium algorithm. Flourishing AI checks all the boxes — on top of the many other benefits of this partnership- and will provide the first official premium algorithm on the Mercor platform.

With this partnership, Mercor users can now enjoy the benefits of both companies and have the choice between paired-bot trading and multi-dimensional portfolio management, powered by Flourishing AI.

“This partnership will change everything for crypto buyers. The collaboration will democratize wealth building by offering both social base pair trading and multi-dimensional active crypto portfolio management, extending both Flourishing Capital’s and Mercor Finance’s lead in each projects’ respective market space.”

- Eric Gonzalez, CEO of FlourishingAI.

United to Empower Retail Traders

This partnership forms an alliance between two entities that strive to provide everyday traders with the ability to trade with confidence in the crypto market by leveraging the same tools utilized by institutional investors. In doing so, we believe this partnership will not only accelerate the wide adoption of algorithmic trading but also contribute greatly to the widespread adoption of cryptocurrency and DeFi across the globe.

About Flourishing Capital

FlourishingAI technology (FAIT) delivers the most advanced artificial intelligence portfolio management & insights solution available for the DeFi and crypto markets. The platform combines deep learning, blockchain monitoring, high-frequency trading, portfolio rebalancing, automated arbitrage, target price probability analysis, and early pattern recognition to beat the market and create positive asset growth.

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About Mercor

Mercor Finance disrupts financial markets by building a bridge between algorithmic trading and everyday investors worldwide. We are the first decentralized crypto bot marketplace. Allowing strategy creators to develop and deploy algorithms whilst also allowing traders to invest in and automatically copy these strategies and algorithms.

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