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2 min readMay 30, 2022

Mercor Finance is excited to announce that it will roll out a new business endeavor under the Mercor corporation.

The mission to improve its product and seek for new opportunities, in order to enhance the user experience and top-notch trading algorithms on the platform, is a continuous effort at Mercor. As Mercor is the first and only decentralized algorithmic copy-trading platform, the technology Mercor offers is rather distinctive. Hence, Mercor is now launching a B2B solution, offering decentralized wealth management through its unique decentralization technology to businesses, funds and other enterprises. Companies can now diversify their portfolio with risk averse, stable and trusted algorithms, created by the most experienced developers in the industry.

“54 percent of institutional investors believe the total market capitalization of cryptocurrencies will grow to $3 trillion or more by the end of 2023 from around $2 trillion now.”

First Partner: Mercor x Meuse

Mercor is pleased to announce that it has entered into a partnership with Meuse, with whom an agreement has been signed.

Meuse is a blockchain-based, comprehensive e-learning platform where people from across the world can upload their original educational content and get paid for it. They have completed their development phase, have recently been audited and are expecting to launch their IDO next month.


The portfolio management will be fully accustomed to the partners’ needs. Entry starts at 50k USD, for which partners will be appointed a personal specialist, who walks them through the multiple options Mercor offers, organizing a customized DeFi portfolio.

The B2B solution will include many DeFi integrations

Naturally, these developments come with certain impacts. First of all, there will be an increased buying pressure of the Mercor token, as new partners are required to acquire the Mercor token in order to enjoy certain benefits of Mercor. Second, it is expected to have a positive impact on the APY for staking. Mercor’s staking protocol works in a way that a part of the fees on the platform are being sent directly to the staking contract and are subsequently divided as additional staking rewards, which leads to a higher APY for stakers.

The Mercor team is excited about this new endeavor and confident that this step will bring much value to not only new clients but also existing Mercorians! We are working ‘round the clock to be able to announce more of the existing and upcoming Mercor B2B partners, stay tuned!



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