Mercor Developer Spotlight | Insights Into The First Algo Developers

Our goal at Mercor has always been clear from the start: Democratize the algorithmic trading market to provide retail traders with the tools and advantages large institutions enjoy.

This article introduces some of the first developers connected to the Mercor platform. But first, let’s recap the purpose of Mercor.

What is Algorithmic Trading?

‘Algorithms’. A seemingly complex term to many. Don’t get spooked, Mercor is here to simplify and make your life easier.

By definition, an algorithm is “a process or set of rules to be followed in calculations or other problem-solving operations.” In other words, the algorithms on the Mercor platform are there to deal with all the problems you might encounter in trading. Whether it is time, emotions, speed or accuracy. Algorithms remove the emotion from trading, are fast, often beat the market, and are obviously automated. All this allowing the average Joe to trade like the pros without compromising their time.

What Can Algorithms Do For You?

Our platform provides developers with a digital playground to build the perfect trading algorithms and earn commissions by offering them to investors.

Backtesting, Mercor analysis tools, and competitions will uncover the best-performing algorithms over time, ensuring continuous improvement.

Speaking of best-performing algorithms, let’s introduce our first premium algo-partnership.

Mercor Announces Darkpool Liquidity as Its First Partner Algorithm

About Darkpool Liquidity

Darkpool Liquidity is the number 1 market maker in the industry and has worked with over 125 startup projects just this year to ensure they are well-positioned to thrive, including during times when market conditions are less than favorable. The firm specializes in algorithmic market-making. Their team of experts also provide advisory services and treasury management services with the use of their proprietary trading software.

John Eyrick, the founder of Darkpool Liquidity, is one of the creators of the Binance API. Which is one of the most widely-used API’s on the market.

We are always excited to welcome innovative minds that are behind premium projects such as Darkpool.

Darkpool Harnesses the Power of Grid Trading

Grid trading is an effective tool traders can utilize to capitalize on trends in the market, especially in volatile markets. For example, a trader can set 10 buy orders above a price while at the same time setting 10 sell orders below that price. If the price of the asset increases, more buy positions will be triggered, thereby increasing the size of the position.

The process can easily be automated and does not require much forecasting in terms of market direction. But the right strategy and stop losses must be applied to minimize risk and maximize profits.

Darkpool’s Trading View profile, which has a stellar score of almost 1800, shows his theories and strategies in practice across a range of cryptocurrencies.

We trust Darkpool’s industry-leading expertise in algo trading will prove to be a valuable asset for the Mercor platform.

Hereby some examples of what to expect:

Algorithm 1: Trend Detection BTC/USDT 1hour

Algorithm 2: Keltner Channels Trend dection BTC/USDT 1min

Darkpool will exclusively deploy its promising algorithms on the Mercor platform. We are extremely excited to have Darkpool as our partner and are thrilled to offer this opportunity to all investors on the Mercor platform.

For more on Darkpool Liquidity, check out these links

Twitter | Website | Telegram

With that being said, on to the next devs!

‘Admiral’, ‘AndyS’, and ‘Kitos’ were chosen for their academic achievements, extensive experience in developing AI algorithms, and their shared passion in this field.

About Admiral

Admiral graduated from the University of Oxford with a degree in Mathematics. He followed his passions and has been working as a quant analyst and developer for over three years. His resume also includes experience in the field of data science in finance and sports betting, an area that relies heavily on statistics and algorithmic data.

Admiral’s experience also includes building end-to-end forecast pipelines and portfolio optimization. Further, Admiral has demonstrated a resounding interest in distributional forecasting and casual AI. He is a self-proclaimed “big believer in data transformations and derivations to improve signal-to-noise ratio”, and we could not be more pleased to have him on board.

About AndyS

AndyS has a strong educational background in data science and artificial intelligence. Andy applied his academics and has proven himself to be an innovator as well as a scholar, having created semi-automated strategies based on momentum and mean reversion, and then applying them to energy and crypto markets.

His focus towards Mercor will be centered around AI-driven algorithmic trading in python.

“I am looking forward to using the end-to-end integration of Mercor’s infrastructure, streamlining the development and backtesting of algo-trading strategies. It is great to see that the platform will provide python native APIs allowing for seamless integration with other machine learning libraries.”

About Kitos

Kitos has been a long-time programmer and has strong ambitions to automate processes and facilitate machine learning using reliable and advanced algorithms. His passion for algorithmic trading makes him the perfect fit. His focus on our platform will be to create algorithms with multiple strategies. Initially, this will begin with basic strategies such as MA, EMA, RSI, and MACD, and eventually, progress to more complex AI-based strategies.

“Mercor is a great opportunity for the AI-driven algorithms I want to create. I felt like the stars were aligned to offer me this opportunity with Mercor.”

Preparing for Beta

The addition of these talented individuals adds to our mounting excitement as we near the launch of the Mercor beta, the first decentralized algorithmic marketplace. It will provide traders with the advantages currently only accessible to institutional investors.

The official release date will follow soon.

Remember, in order to get access to the Mercor beta, make sure to stake a minimum of 7500 MRCR tokens on

For more on Mercor, check out these links:

Twitter | Telegram | Website | Medium




Mercor disrupts financial markets by building a bridge between algorithmic trading and every-day investors worldwide. Official website:

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Mercor Finance

Mercor Finance

Mercor disrupts financial markets by building a bridge between algorithmic trading and every-day investors worldwide. Official website:

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