Mercor Finance Early Community Private Sale Announcement and Whitelist Results — Official Date May 4th, 2021.

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3 min readMay 2, 2021

Dear Community,

We would like to thank our early community members which have been extremely supportive from the start.

We are happy to announce the official ‘Early Community Private Sale’ (Part of Private Sale B pool) and it will take place on Tuesday, May 4th 16:00 UTC, 2021. If you participated in the whitelist lottery, press here to see the results!

Our ‘Early Community Private Sale’ will be executed via an audited Smart Contract on the Mercor Platform. There will be a 3 BNB cap per whitelisted address. The sale will work on a first come first serve basis and the hard cap is set at 250 BNB. We will provide additional details on the day of the sale on exactly how to participate for those who are eligible.

Vesting Schedule
Participants of the ‘Early Community Private Sale’ (Private Sale B pool) will receive their tokens according to the following vesting schedule.

  • 20% unlocked at TGE
  • 20% released every following month

Whitelist Results

To see the whitelist results, please have a look at the following spreadsheet:

Distribution of Tokens

Public IDO Sale & Private Sale B Information:
Private Sale B Supply: 3.000.000 (3%)
Purchase Option: BNB
Private Sale Price: $0.098
Date: May 4th, 2021

Public Sale Supply: 5.000.000 (5%)
Purchase Option: BNB
Public Sale Price: $0.13
Date: TBD (May 2021)

Listing Price: $0.138
Date: TBD (May 2021)

MRCR Token Utility

Please stay tuned for more exciting details about our public IDO which is scheduled for the end of May 2021. Also, we look forward to sharing more news regarding the overall development of our platform.

Please follow our official channels and feel free to send us any questions you may have!

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Mercor aims to decentralize the algorithmic trading market. The Mercor platform provides its users with the instruments to develop and the possibility to invest in what is known as the black box of trading, algorithmic trading. On the one hand, we supply developers with analytical tools, backtesting capabilities and exclusive data. On the other hand, we make investing in algorithmic trading publicly accessible, by reducing entry barriers. With the power of the crowd, we create an environment in which no individual is restricted by expensive data or high entry barriers. We are supplying ordinary people with the tools previously only available to a handful of institutions.

Mercor will give ordinary traders the opportunity to directly invest in complex algorithms with no intervention of large institutional investors, through an accessible social platform focused on ease of use and education. Mercor aims to connect traders with development teams and their algorithms, with worldwide access on all devices, providing our users with the ability to profit from a previously inaccessible market.



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