Mercor Finance Enters A New Marketing Chapter

Mercor Finance is beyond thrilled to announce a fresh focus on the marketing of our project. This new phase will expand Mercor’s network, creating a multitude of business opportunities that will take Mercor’s growth to the next level.

Ever since the birth of the idea behind Mercor in 2019, Mercor has had a rigid focus on the development of our unique algorithmic trading platform. Focusing on creating and testing unparalleled smart contracts, bridging the gap between decentralized finance and algorithmic trading. In doing so, Mercor has forged strategic, long-term partnerships that enhance the platform’s capabilities and expand the Mercor Movement with active traders.

On October 1st, Mercor released its beta platform. The goal of the ‘beta phase’ was to test the product on user experience, capacity, technical functionalities, and much more. To our great satisfaction, we have had incredibly positive feedback; both on the investor side and the developer side.
It has been extremely rewarding for our Mercor team to actualize all of the hard work behind the scenes and get affirmations of our innovation from our users. Our cherished community is what drives this team to continuously elevate Mercor.
With a strong product standing, we know it is the right time to showcase the platform to the world through first-class marketing, supported by some of the top marketing agencies on the planet.

With a strong product standing, we know it is the right time to showcase the platform to the world through first-class marketing, supported by some of the top marketing agencies on the planet.

Since the start of the year, we have rapidly built up an extensive, but above all, loyal and valuable community. At Mercor, we highly value our community and their feedback. Hence, the increased demand for growth and marketing didn’t go unnoticed. To our beloved community: your voices have been heard and we are more than excited to begin this new chapter with you. Mercor has reserved a significant amount of our budget for marketing initiatives and we can finally announce that we have partnered up with no less than three (!) of the most prominent marketing agencies in their sector!

  • Enterprise branding
  • Social media campaigns including influencer marketing
  • PR campaigns
  • Growth management
  • New editors for official Mercor Finance publications
  • Graphic designers and videographers
  • Refreshed community management
  • (Online) advertising, PPC and SEO

Although we are not in the (legal) position to announce the names of two out of three partnerships yet, we can assure you that they are of the highest level in the game and will therefore have the greatest impact.

Mercor is proudly partnering up with Brave browser!

What we can proudly announce is that Mercor will be present on Brave — crypto’s most beloved browser. In the form of multiple ads and partnerships throughout the browser. With a heavy crypto-infused userbase of over 30 million users a month, an astonishing CTR of 21%, and a speed 3–6 times faster than other browsers, we are certain that our presence on Brave will have the highest impact on the growth of Mercor.

Mercor is disrupting the Global Trading Industry — an industry that is worth 19 trillion dollars. Needless to say, there is plenty of work for Mercor to be done and the team will not stop until Mercor Finance is a household name, recognized globally as the world’s strongest, advanced, user-friendly, and revolutionary algorithmic trading platform.

Mercor Finance has built a strong bridge to connect talented developers and hedge funds with day-to-day traders and crypto enthusiasts. In only a short two years, the development team of Mercor has delivered a platform that makes it accessible for the everyday investor to enjoy algorithmic trading- the future of investing. Mercor is here for those who understand the importance of investing their funds, but don't have the time, knowledge, or simply interest to do so.

Our value doesn’t stop there. On the contrary to the trader’s side of the Mercor environment is the developer’s side. Mercor empowers talented developers, hedge funds, or coding hobbyists to create a new source of passive income by creating and deploying automated trading strategies via bots for people to invest in. Mercor, in its turn, serves as a powerful platform for these developers to display and exploit their talent.

Full Launch

December, this year will be all about the full Mercor platform launch. Starting mid-December, we will host a month full of special surprises around the full launch of the Mercor platform. So stay tuned and join the ride!

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