Mercor Finance Kicks Off Full Launch Month — Introducing Its Official Telegram Bot

Recently, Mercor Finance announced the release of its full platform. Catch up with the latest and click on the link below to read the announcement:

Full Launch Update

If you are not entirely familiar with Mercor Finance yet, we recommend you jump down a bit and start reading at the ‘What is Mercor’ header! See you soon!

The Mercor team is extremely thrilled to bring its users this release, as many new and valuable features will come to the platform.

As announced in the previous article, the full launch will bring you multi-token trading algorithms and a brand new staking system rewarding you with impressive APY’s. The multi-token algorithms will provide Mercor-users with trading algorithms that can trade numerous tokens at the same time, further improving the ROI of most algorithms. Our staking system will be the most unique staking system in DeFi, featuring an APY multiplier and state-of-the-art APY generating factors, which will disrupt the industry. More about this soon!

It doesn’t stop there. We will bring UI improvements, design enhancements, and other supporting tools that will make the user experience seamless and stylish. Stay tuned, as we will continue to shed more light on every detail that is coming with the full launch in these next series of Mercor articles!

At Mercor, we like to think and act outside of the box- providing the most optimal user experience. We do this not only in-platform but throughout the entire Mercor environment, which reaches beyond the platform.

We understand that Telegram plays a huge role in the cryptocurrency space, so it’s only fitting that it plays the same role in our ventures. Mercor has a strong and loyal community, which is ever-present on Telegram. Our Telegram community knows members that have been with Mercor since the very beginning; before there was even a Mercor platform. The community includes members from all over the world, showing their love and support for Mercor and its Mercorians (Mercor users), sharing their thoughts on the product and to the liking of the Mercor team, providing us with valuable feedback. The community is active 24/7 and has known a great increase in both members and engagement over recent weeks.

We like to take a moment to emphasize our appreciation for our great community. Without you, we wouldn’t have made it to the full launch!

That brings us to the first product of the Mercor full platform launch: The Official Telegram Bot of Mercor Finance!

To provide Mercorians with a comprehensive experience of the product, our beloved developers have manufactured a Telegram bot. Of course, as a serious investor, you want to be able to keep track of your funds and investments at any time. We made it possible.

With this bot, users can keep track of their portfolio, funds, and current investments at all times. All this without having to open your browser, but above all, without any effort. Subscribing to this bot will provide you with daily updates.

Sounds good? We thought so too. How to use it? See below:

To start the Mercor Telegram bot, search @MercorBot in Telegram bot and press ‘Start’, at the bottom of the chat.

You should see this image after typing /start

The bot will now ask you to provide your wallet address. The wallet address is needed in order to provide you with the information related to the wallet connected with Mercor.

Please proceed to type your wallet address that is connected to the Mercor platform.

After typing your wallet address, you should see this image

You can have only one address paired per Telegram account. If the address is incorrect, the bot will prompt you to try again. If you want to change your current address, simply type /start. again. The new address will overwrite the previous one.

Once your address is correctly saved, type:


To see an overview of the algorithms you have invested in.

The algorithm overview should look something like this, depending on the algo’s you’re invested in. Behind the name of the algo’s, there is the amount invested in USD, which is in this example blurred out. The subscribe button can be found at the bottom.

Once you’re in the /algo menu you can click on an algorithm to get detailed information about this algorithm.

An overview of a specific algorithm could look something like this

At the bottom, there is a button saying: ‘Subscribe for daily update’.
This option will send you a message with the total value of your portfolio and the profit of the last 24 hours.

Subscribing for a daily update should look like this

If you wish to unsubscribe go back to the algorithm overview and click on the button that says: ‘Unsubscribe for daily update’.

The algorithm overview should look something like this, depending on the algo’s you’re invested in. Behind the name of the algo’s, there is the amount invested in USD, which is in this example blurred out. The unsubscribe button can be found at the bottom.

Once you’re in a specific algorithm, the following buttons can be found at the bottom:

‘<<Back to overview’ will redirect you to the overview where you can see all algorithms that you have invested in.

‘Exit’ will exit the conversation with the bot.

At any time during a conversation with the bot, you can type:


to exit this conversation.

Exiting the conversation should look like this

If you switch from a Telegram account and pair your wallet address with this account, your old Telegram account will be unsubscribed. This means only one Telegram account with one address can be active at the same time.

Easy as that!

With just these couple of simple steps, you can keep track of your investments at all times- just like the pro’s.

New here? Welcome to Mercor Finance.

Mercor disrupts the financial industry by democratizing the world of algorithmic trading. Algorithmic trading is investing through algorithms. Trading algorithms/bots are pre-programmed trading strategies that perform buy- and sell orders automatically. In other words, these algorithms do the trading for you. And chances are likely, they do it better! Why? Because trading algorithms are able to trade 24/7. Imagine all the profits you miss out on during your sleep, at work, on vacation and so on. With an active trading bot, the trading keeps ongoing, improving the chances of great returns.

We all know not to trade with emotions. Good thing algorithms don’t have any. They don’t have bad days and are ever consistent.

Oftentimes, getting green results is all about timing and speed. Algorithms can perform trades with timing and speed humans could never match. Check out this video made by Mercor, showcasing a great example of perfect timing by one of the algorithms running on the Mercor platform:

These are just some of the many other benefits of algorithmic trading.

Mercor makes algorithmic trading accessible for anyone. On the Mercor platform, there is a developer environment, where talented developers and hedge funds are able to create and deploy trading strategies. So, if you’re a developer, you are able to do so too. You will set your own profit fee and can start earning!

On the other side, there is the investor environment. This is where investors/traders can pick an algorithm to their liking and invest in it by a few simple clicks. Once invested, the bot will trade your funds automatically and investors can join all the benefits of algorithmic trading. This way, Mercor provides a passive way of earning for its users.

For detailed information, please have a look at the official documentation of Mercor Finance:

Mercor Finance Official Documentation



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