Mercor Finance Partners With Modefi For Advanced Off-Chain Data Aggregation

The #MercorMovement keeps on rolling with the addition of Modefi as a partner to provide genuinely decentralized oracles. As we continue grinding toward our goal of democratizing the algorithmic trading market, we recognized the need for impeccable data analyses. This need caused us to turn to Modefi due to its alignment with our core beliefs of decentralization.

Why Modefi is Best-in-Class

The Need For Data

The goal of every Mercor developer is to create an algorithm that is dynamic enough to beat the bull market, detect black-swan events, and perform well in a bear market. However, algorithmic trading, by its very nature, is incredibly data-hungry. The best algorithms not only require significant data; the quality of this data must be pristine.

The Modefi Solution

The Modefi systems’ dynamic data accrual makes their system fundamentally similar to Mercor regarding its wide-ranging accessibility. By leveraging their unique data aggregator, they work in harmony with other oracles to gather the greatest volume of first-rate data. Therefore, Modefi will provide Mercor Finance, and its users the prolific data necessary to fuel our trading algorithms.

We are delighted to have Modefi supporting us in our efforts for algorithmic trading democratization. We look forward to a fruitful partnership with our best-in-class oracle provider.

About Modefi

Modefi is a data aggregator and marketplace. Modefi has the unique ability to work seamlessly with other oracles to obtain an enhanced and diverse data set. Their marketplace also levels the playing field for data acquisition by creating a free market for data where even the smallest buyer can obtain the data they need.

About Mercor

Mercor looks to be a radical disruptor by democratizing the algorithmic trading market. Mercor supplies developers with an enticing platform and environment to create their own algorithms; after testing, these algorithms are then utilized by investors. Thereby producing a system where investors and developers work in reciprocity. All of this makes Mercor an unparalleled platform cultivating algorithmic trading growth, development, and most importantly, accessibility like no other.

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