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Mercor Finance
2 min readJul 6, 2022


While markets are still in turmoil, Mercor Finance is working hard behind the scenes to provide its customers with the best algorithmic trading experience on the crypto market.

Below is a short recap to keep you updated!

Updated Roadmap

Big things start with big goals! First of all, we like to highlight the updated roadmap of Mercor.

The new roadmap

We are pleased to announce that Mercor is running on schedule as all goals have been achieved, so far. Moving forward, we adapted to the market conditions and developments in the crypto space and made several necessary adjustments to the roadmap. The new roadmap is pictured above and every detail about it can be found here.

Mercor B2B

Mercor Finance has launched a new business endeavor: the Mercor B2B Solution! The mission to improve its product and seek for new opportunities, in order to enhance the user experience and top-notch trading algorithms on the platform, is a continuous effort at Mercor. Hence, Mercor has launched a B2B solution, offering decentralized wealth management through its unique decentralization technology to businesses, funds, and other enterprises. Companies can now diversify their portfolio with risk averse, stable, and trusted algorithms, created by the most experienced developers in the industry. Read everything about it here.

The Benefits of the MRCR Token

The MRCR token is at the core of the Mercor Dapp. It has a utility like no other and comes with many benefits. Check out the video above and this article to learn more!

Fresh Trading Bots by Boosting Alpha

Boosting Alpha is a trading technology provider utilizing the latest scientific approach. They develop high performing trading strategies for various assets based on artificial intelligence (AI), quantitative finance and unique data combinations. Moreover, they are a long-term, premium partner of Mercor.
Recently, they have provided us with fresh trading bots! Read everything here.

Stay tuned for more news and developments at Mercor!



Mercor Finance

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