Mercor Finance — Staking Program Launch — Available after listing

The Mercor movement is upon us. Our native $MRCR token is going live at 17:00 UTC today, after a thoroughly successful IDO. To reward our early supporters and show our gratitude, we have decided to allocate 2,000,000 $MRCR tokens to our staking pool immediately after listing.

The Mercor Finance staking platform is designed to benefit our earliest adopters as optimally as possible. We believe all of the early movers on Mercor deserve to be significantly rewarded for their fundamental support of the Mercor algorithmic and development platform. Read on for details on how you can stake your $MRCR and the rewards it provides.

How to Participate

Go through the following steps to participate in the staking:

  1. Visit:
  2. Connect your wallet
  3. Approve the $MRCR contract
  4. Enter a minimum amount of 7500 tokens
  5. Press ‘Stake’

Staking Details

  • 2% of the total supply (2,000,000 tokens) is allocated for staking rewards
  • If 20% of the total circulating supply at listing is staked, your expected return on investment = ~300% APY.
  • Staking rewards initiate on May 26th.
  • The duration of staking is four months.
  • Minimum staking time of 2 months. Tokens are locked for 2 months. Rewards can be withdrawn after reaching this minimum staking period.
  • Minimum staking amount of 7500 MRCR tokens. No Maximum has been set.

Aside from staking rewards, staking will also give you early access to the vast algorithmic trading platform, as we will invite staking members to our platform first. We look forward to providing long-term benefits to our community and staking is just the beginning.

About Mercor

Mercor looks to be a radical disruptor by democratizing the algorithmic trading market. Mercor supplies developers with an enticing platform and environment to create their own algorithms; after testing, traders can utilize them. This produces a system where traders and developers work in reciprocity. All of this makes Mercor an unparalleled platform cultivating algorithmic trading growth, development, and most importantly, accessibility like no other.

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By Mitchell Keller | Twitter | Edited by Dr. Deeban Ratneswaran and Aydan Flemmings — Lead Graphic by Caelan Flemmings GD10.Ventures — Marketing division: enquiries

Mercor disrupts financial markets by building a bridge between algorithmic trading and every-day investors worldwide. Official website: