Mercor Finance — The First Certified IDO on BSCstarter

After a thorough vetting process, we are thrilled to announce that we have been selected by BSCstarter as their first-ever Certified $START IDO!

BSCstarter Certified $START selection sets us apart from the ever-increasing sea of Binance Smart Chain projects by providing us with end-to-end support (IDO Guidance, Marketing, Community Support, Access to Private Investors and Launch Coordination with Exchanges and Market Makers) as well as certifying the legitimacy of Mercor Finance for prospective investors.

BSCstarter, in partnership with Assure DeFi, and RDauditors, is fully equipped to comprehensively evaluate $START Certified projects.

Assure DeFi utilizes their pioneering KYC NFTs to validate the identity of the team members of $START Certified projects, ensuring each project is legitimate; bringing enhanced safety and security to the $START community.

In addition to this, Optix, an investor optics audit, investigates the existence and quality of every public-facing piece of information that is relevant to an individual’s decision to invest.

Utilizing Optix, Assure DeFi performs a comprehensive audit of the project, which closely examines everything from private investors, raise and use of funds, tokenomics, developers, contributors and much more.

“Applicants interested in joining the $START Certified program will undergo a thorough analysis of the project’s technical capabilities, business and team evaluation, marketing, community audit, and tokenomics review.

The application process can reach a maximum of 3 weeks, with launch activities adding another 3 weeks. Selections are made by the BSCstarter team and an appointed Council consisting of industry experts” — Lionel Iruk, BSCstarter Legal Advisor.

Projects deemed ready to debut after vetting by the program selection team are then directed to the Certified Sales track, where Mercor Finance is now.

For those who wish to participate, BSCstarter has created a guide for getting involved in the upcoming Mercor Finance IDO.

We are proud to be recognized as the first Certified $START BSCstarter IDO. We have been working very hard to design, develop and realize our vision of a decentralized algorithmic trading platform. We feel that this is a culmination of years worth of planning and execution by our skilled team of industry professionals. Mercor Finance stands to reshape DeFi with never before conceived tools and accessibility. To help us make this goal a reality — please follow us on our social media channels and get involved in our community. We hope to attract creative minds that bring thoughtful ideas and discussion, as well as to establish a large network of developers to spark competition for the most profitable trading algorithms.

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About Mercor

Mercor aims to decentralize the algorithmic trading market. The Mercor platform provides its users with the instruments to develop and the possibility to invest in what is known as the black box of trading, algorithmic trading. On the one hand, we supply developers with analytical tools, backtesting capabilities, and exclusive data. On the other hand, we make investing in algorithmic trading publicly accessible, by reducing entry barriers. With the power of the crowd, we create an environment in which no individual is restricted by expensive data or high entry barriers. We are supplying ordinary people with the tools previously only available to a handful of institutions.

Mercor will give ordinary traders the opportunity to directly invest in complex algorithms with no intervention of large institutional investors, through an accessible social platform focused on ease of use and education. Mercor aims to connect traders with development teams and their algorithms, with worldwide access on all devices, providing our users with the ability to profit from a previously inaccessible market.



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Mercor Finance

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