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3 min readJun 21, 2022


We are halfway 2022 and are pleased to announce that so far, the goals in our roadmap have been achieved!

The old roadmap

We kicked 2022 off with a major event — the full launch of the Mercor platform. The full launch consisted of many features, including APY staking rewards and multi token algorithms. In Q1, this year, we got listed on different exchanges, improved the UI/UX, formed some strong partnerships and much more.


Moving forward in the year, we adapted to the market conditions and developments in the crypto-space and made several necessary adjustments to the roadmap.

What has been adjusted

The adjustments are displayed in the image above. As pictured, centralized exchange integrations made place for the Mercor B2B solution as this solution is projected to provide more growth for Mercor than the previous goal. We decided to further enhance and solidify our position as THE decentralized algorithmic trading platform instead of focussing on centralization.

Algorithm hosting has been replaced for Index ETF’s, and the integration of the Mercor development console has been adjusted to ‘Influencer algorithms’ to get Mercor exposed to a larger audience. Furthermore, after speaking with all developers on the platform, the demand for algorithm hosting was extremely low.

Projected for Q3, the (in-house) backtesting of algorithms made place for DeFi integrations and drag ‘n drop strategy creation will be replaced by risk level integrations. Moving forward to the last quarter of this year, we will introduce Mercor 2.0. later this year!

New Roadmap

The new roadmap!

As we are currently in Q2 and pleased to tell you that all goals for this quarter have been achieved. The Mercor B2B solution has been launched, and the first partnership has been signed. More on this can be read here.

Going into Q3, we will introduce DeFi integrations, which will boost the performance of the product and besides, create exposure.

Potential DeFi Integrations

Furthermore, we will integrate risk levels. This will guide Mercor-users into finding an algorithm with a risk level to their liking and tell users more about the risk level of investment of an algorithm.

We are excited to work on the upcoming goals and proud to have kept our promises and delivered Mercorians with the goals so far. On to the next!



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