Mercor Presents Competition Winners

On October first, Mercor released the beta version of its platform. To the great satisfaction of the Mercor team, the feedback on the beta was immensely positive and the release brought a lot of happy traders!

To celebrate the release, Mercor hosted a trading competition.

Competitors on both the investor side and the developer side battled hard for major prizes and achieved impressive results! Nearing the end, it became a tight race but the results were clear and as follows:

For investors:

  • Most invested investor — 0x5E0a4c7f… — With 154.31 $BNB invested!
  • Most diversified investor — With 17 bots invested in!
  • Longest hodler — 66 days! (There were several longest holders, so the winner was decided by most equity invested)

And for developers:

  • Best performing algorithm — MoonQuant Mid-Timeframe Momentum BNB-BUSD with an astonishing profit of nearly 50%!

Have a look at the winning algo: CC6Cff781ffF4ea/

  • Algorithm with most managed equity — Bot Capital ETH/BNB

Have a look at the winning algo: 6c05f45fF706D7B4/

  • Most popular dev — Bot Capital with 81 investors!

Have a look at the winning dev: 0995924fc65/

Unmatched Trading Bots

While it surprisingly wasn’t the most popular bot, MoonQuant Capital managed to provide Mercor-traders with the amazing algorithm named ‘MoonQuant Mid-Timeframe Momentum BNB-BUSD’. This trading strategy averaged nearly 50% profits. Mind you, this is in less than two months! Quite spectacular results, especially given the fact that we saw some rough weeks on the crypto market. As if 50% isn’t impressive enough, the bot reached peaks of more than 60% profit! Getting excited yet? Reach over to:

MoonQuant Capital

And be a part of the green wave!

Huge Prizes

Investors have won prizes such as:

  • Life-long double referral bonus
  • 2 $BNB investment credit
  • Exclusive Mercor Merchandise

While developers have won:

  • One year-long FREE Platinum tier
  • 2 $BNB investment in your algorithm(s)
  • Marketing video collaboration to promote your bots
  • Exclusive profile award of winning the Public Beta Competition
  • Uniquely customized algo/profile page

Mercor would like to congratulate all winners! It has been a blast of a competition and we would like to thank all participants.

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Feel like you missed out on great prizes? Don’t worry. Mercor is launching its full platform soon and will host an accompanying trading competition!

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