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6 min readDec 28, 2021

The full launch of the Mercor platform is in full effect!

Last week, Mercor launched its official Telegram Bot. Subscribers can now keep track of their portfolio effortless and at all times, with the bot giving automated updates on the results of investments.

With this release, Mercor kicked off its full launch. Now, we would like to introduce the second product of the Mercor full platform launch: a unique staking rewards system in DeFi!

At Mercor, both traders and developers can create an (almost) passive way of earning income; developers by creating and deploying trading algorithms; traders by investing in them. Investing in a trading algorithm on the Mercor platform is easy and can be done in only a few steps. After investing in an algorithm, the algorithm trades your funds for you; you just have to withdraw whenever you feel like cashing out.

Now, Mercor Finance provides you with another way of earning passively! On the first day of 2022, Mercor Finance will release its new staking system. With this release, staking your $MRCR tokens will yield continuous rewards.

Undoubtedly, staking pools have made a significant uprise in the cryptocurrency space. Mercor is well aware and realized the value it brings for Mercorians (Mercor users), which is the fundamental value of our business. However, Mercor wouldn’t be Mercor if the team didn’t bust their a**es off to come up with a DeFi staking system that has never been seen before.

How to stake, and how to get the APY multiplier

Staking rewards can be compared to the interest you get at your bank. Banks give you interest for holding your money in the bank, but we all know: banks are a thing of the past. That’s why Mercor gives you $MRCR, for staking your tokens!

To stake your tokens, head over to (as of January 1st):

Mercor Staking Page

You will see the following:

Click on ‘+ Approve MRCR’

First, you will need to approve the staking contract by clicking on ‘+ Approve MRCR’. Next, select a tier to your liking (for an overview of all tiers and their benefits, visit:, and click on ‘+ Stake’.

Heads up! The ‘Gold’ tier will give you an APY multiplier of 20% and the ‘Platinum’ tier of no less than 30%!

Select the amount and click on ‘+ Stake’.

Congrats, you are now staking $MRCR! This will not only give you access to the top-notch trading algorithms on the Mercor platform but will, as of January 1st, also give you rewards.

Further, on the right side of the staking page, you will see the following:

This will show you how much $MRCR you have staked (above is an example with 1000 $MRCR in this case), how much you have earned and gives you the option to harvest, compound or withdraw.
Harvesting means collecting the rewards earned. Clicking this button will transfer the rewards to your wallet.
Compounding will harvest your rewards and automatically stake those rewards again.
If you would like to withdraw your $MRCR tokens to your wallet, click on withdraw.

The Science Behind Our Unique Staking System

Most staking programs in crypto, work with a staking pool that gets filled by the token supplier. Staking will provide you with rewards, coming from the staking pool. If the pool doesn’t get refilled by the supplier, at a certain point, it will diminish and the rewards will run out. In most cases, this causes an unsustainable and shortly lasted yield, while at the same time inflating token supply and driving sell pressure.

We have created a sustainable and continuous staking rewards pool. It works as follows: Mercor users can invest in algorithms, deployed on the Mercor platform. These algorithms are trading constantly and make profits. Of course, at a certain moment, investors want to cash out their profits, for which they will need to withdraw their funds. The 10% Mercor profit fee will be used to buy back $MRCR tokens from the market. This will create a significant and continuous buy pressure of the $MRCR token. Half of these tokens will be sent to the new staking contract and be divided as additional staking rewards, which leads to a higher APY for stakers. Furthermore, the burning fee of the staking contract will also be used to fuel the staking rewards. Mercor Finance will also inject a token supply into the staking reward pool in order to kick it off, from there on we will monitor the APY and supply additional tokens where necessary.

The Mercor staking platform works with a built-in buyback system and an organic refill system of the pool, which both will maximize the buying pressure of the $MRCR token, and increase the APY in a sustainable manner.

An explainer of the Mercor staking system will be released soon, along with the other products of the full launch, such as multi-token trading algorithms! Stay tuned, the full launch is upon us!

New Here?

Welcome! Mercor is an algorithmic copy trading platform. To be specific, it’s the first and only fully decentralized algorithmic copy trading platform. Ever.

Algorithms may sound complex; in reality, they’re here to make it all easier for us. they are nothing more than pre-programmed ‘bots’ that perform actions based on amounts of data that humans couldn’t comprehend. This programming is done by talented developers and hedge funds. Trading algorithms — the kind of algo’s on the Mercor platform — perform trades. In other words: they buy and sell on their own.

Why leave the trading up to bots, you are thinking?
Let us explain. Algorithms are faster, more consistent and stable than humans could ever be. They buy and sell at unmatched speed, resulting in the most optimal prices. The most common saying in investing goes: ‘never invest with your emotions. Algo’s never include emotions in their trading- simply because they have none (yet)! Never bad moods, rough mornings or long nights. Pure consistency.
More trading time equals a bigger chance of profits, right? Algorithms never sleep, travel, eat, raise kids, go to school, etcetera. All they do is make the most optimal trades. All day, everyday- and night. 24/7 trading made possible!
Always wanted to trade crypto? Don’t know where to start? Let the bots do the work. They are designed to invest in the most favorable coins.

Let us not forget to mention that within the first month, many algorithms on the Mercor platform reached profits close to 80%! Besides, Mercor partnered with developers that created bots making over 1200% annual profit. No typing mistakes were made. Beat that!

Mercor Finance provides careless, effortless investing. Pick an algorithm and let it do your trading. All you have to do is kick back, and relax.

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