November Markets Update & Ethereum Max(USD) Algo Trading Strategy at Glance

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3 min readNov 1, 2022


After an intense October in which micro and macro factors provided significant volatility, Bitcoin and Ethereum price movement managed to provide both a weekly and monthly candle favoring the bulls.

Here are some highlights on why the cryptocurrency markets may become even more volatile during November:

  • The DXY continues to grow stronger. Usually when DXY moves up the stocks & the cryptocurrency markets tend to move down.
DXY Index 1986–2022 line chart
  • The total altcoins market capitalization excluding Bitcoin is back to $585+ billion reaching its highest since mid of September, 2022.
Altcoin market cap 1 years candle chart. Source: TradingView
  • The FOMC(Federal Open Market Committee) meeting will be held on 1–2 November.
  • “Dogecoin price rallies 150% in 4 days, but DOGE now most ‘overbought’ since April 2021”. Read more here.
  • “Scary stats: $3B stolen in 2022 as of ‘Hacktober,’ doubling 2021”. Read more here.
  • “Hungary And Thailand Set To Test Blockchain Technology”. Read more here.

Mercor Finance Weekly Markets Review 31 October — 06 November

ETH’s price in October has also positively impacted some of the algorithmic trading strategies in the Mercor Dapp. Let’s have closer a look at the Ethereum Max (USD) which currently has a 21.75% APY on a monthly basis:

Ethereum Max (USD) Algo Trading Strategy at Glance

The bot uses a momentum strategy that enters a trade when the price of Ethereum shows strength vs USD for a couple of days. The bot assumes that the trend will continue and stays in the position until it gets a confirmation that the trend is over, no matter how long that may be.

Although this means the bot never buys the bottom and never sells the top, the strategy consistently outperforms the market over time. Please note that this bot is optimized to beat the market in the long run (years).

During bull phases, the bot’s return is slightly lower than the market, but during bear phases, the bot’s return is significantly higher than the market.

Copy Trade the Bitcoin Max (USD) Algo Trading Strategy here.

Automated Algorithmic Trading by World Class Algorithms

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