The Benefits of the MRCR Token

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2 min readJun 27, 2022


With a fully working Dapp since January 2022, Mercor Finance is disrupting financial markets by building a bridge between algorithmic trading and everyday investors worldwide.

Mercor gives ordinary traders the opportunity to directly invest in complex algorithms with no intervention from large institutional investors, through an accessible social platform focused on ease of use and education.

We believe in the power of creative people, students, and hobbyists to create value with their self-build algorithms. Mercor connects traders with development teams and their algorithms.

The Mercor Token And Its Utility

The $MRCR(Mercor) token is at the very center of this innovation. While Mercor offers its product for free, it is also possible to select different tiers, in order to enjoy increasing benefits. To step into these tiers, one has to acquire MRCR tokens, which unlock various utility functions. An overview of the MRCR Tiers is available here.

Acquiring MRCR tokens is made easy and possible for everyone as follows:

  • Fiat-to-crypto on-ramp payment gateway within the Mercor Dapp is available here. Buying $MRCR tokens with USD, GBP, EUR, etc. will take you no more than 60 seconds!
  • The best and the largest by volume decentralized cryptocurrency exchange based on the Binance Smart Chain — PancakeSwap.
  • Centralized cryptocurrency exchanges — Bitmart, P2PB2B, Bilaxy, and Vindax.

Being a $MRCR token holder has even more benefits. Once acquired, you can stake your $MRCR tokens here and earn APY, completely passive. $MRCR tokens open your doors to decentralized copy trading and DeFi.

The more users connect with Mercor, the more tokens will be acquired. This drives the buying pressure on the MRCR token — this makes the MRCR token a utility token in its purest form.


Unlike eToro, a social trading platform that is fully centralized, Mercor Finance Dapp offers everyone to autonomously get in and out of an algorithmic trading strategy at any time. Furthermore, the advanced and easy-to-comprehend user’s dashboard helps analyze the performance of each strategy you copy trade and to make proper due diligence and risk management on everything you invest in the Mercor Dapp!

Thanks to blockchain technology and the strong partnerships with some of the top algorithmic trading companies in the space, Mercor Finance can be considered as being the leading global decentralized marketplace for copy trading algorithmic trading strategies. So, why not diversify your cryptocurrency portfolio and try out the Mercor Dapp today at



Mercor Finance

Mercor disrupts financial markets by building a bridge between algorithmic trading and every-day investors worldwide. Official website: