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2 min readSep 20, 2022


Fasten your seatbelts and welcome to Mercor Airlines!

While the summer is almost coming to an end, you can make it endless with Mercor.

You have worked hard and the crypto market has been relentless — it is time for you to go on a well-deserved dream vacation. With this new campaign, Mercor makes your dream trip come true! Start packing your bags because all you have to do is invite your friends to Mercor.

The first one who refers 25 friends to the Mercor platform is the winner!

The Mercor referral system works as follows:

  1. Connect to the platform at https://app.mercor.finance
  2. Click on the green button: ‘Invite a friend!’. You can find this button in the sidebar on the left side of the platform. Or find the referral link in your profile. You can also find the link here
The referral button is indicated by the red lining, in the lower left corner of the image above

3. Click on the ‘Create a referral link’ to create your personal referral link.

4. Share this link with whoever you like. Feel free to distribute it on your socials, among friends, etc.

5. Whenever your friends invest (0.2 BNB minimum), you have referred your friend!

Make sure to act fast, because the first one who refers to 25 friends will be the winner!

The prize of this competition is 500USD worth of travel credits at Travala. Travala is world’s leading blockchain-based travel booking platform. With these travel credits, you can pick your dream destination!

Mercor is ready for takeoff, welcome aboard!



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