Whitelisting is Officially Open For The Mercor Public Sale!

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3 min readMay 15, 2021

After overwhelmingly successful rounds of private sale funding, we are delighted to announce the commencement of our public sale. Our public sale represents an equitable opportunity for anyone to get their very own $MRCR.

Public Sale Details and Participation Information

$MRCR Sale Details:

  • Public sale contributions will be taken in BNB
  • 4500 $MRCR = 1 BNB
  • Softcap = 200 BNB | Hard Cap = 2000 BNB
  • People with >500 $START will have 15 minutes to secure their guaranteed allocation

Getting Whitelisted

For the opportunity to be whitelisted for the Mercor Finance public sale, please complete the following:

1. Join the Mercor Telegram community and announcement channels:



2. Follow Mercor on Twitter:


3. Retweet Mercor Finance on Twitter.

4. Obtain your BSCStarter tier (minimum 50 $START tokens). For more info on BSCstarter and how to obtain your tier, click here and here.

5. Complete KYC via Blockpass: The link to KYC is within the entry form below

6. Complete the entry form: https://gleam.io/Rdfip/mercor-whitelist

Blacklisted Participants

The public sale is not and will not be offered or sold, directly or indirectly, to any person who is a resident, organized, or located in any country or territory subject to OFAC comprehensive sanctions programs from time to time, including:

American Samoa, Belarus, China, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Cuba, Guam, Iran, Iraq, Northern Mariana Islands, Puerto Rico, Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, Sudan, South Sudan, Syria, Ukraine, United States.

The Utilities of MRCR

The MRCR token has various innate utilities that instigate both a healthy buy pressure and robust reward mechanisms. These utilities include:

Developer Rewards — Developers will earn MRCR tokens by deploying their algorithms onto the Mercor platform. The amount of MRCR gained by the developer is determined by a variable fee that the developer sets. We do this to create a free market effect in which the best-performing algorithms can demand the highest prices.

Tier system — Both developers and investors can use their $MRCR tokens to obtain tiers through staking. In the case of developers, your tier determines the level of access you have to the platform’s tools, analytics, access to specific development packages, etcetera. As for investors, tiers provide you access to different levels of algorithmic trading, market signals, and more significant overall investments.

Burn Mechanism — Two mechanisms fuel the burning of $MRCR. The first mechanism is a penalty for early withdrawal; anyone who unstakes and withdraws early receives a minor penalty that is burned to deflate $MRCR supply. The second mechanism is transaction fee burning; 25 percent of all trading fees are used to burn $MRCR.

Staking — Stake your $MRCR to earn more $MRCR!

We look forward to having you join The Mercor Finance movement.

Mercor finance is in the pursuit of a world where access to technology is equitable from the largest of investors to the smallest. We are accomplishing our vision through a unique platform that supplies developers with the funding and resources they need while simultaneously providing investors with heavily sought-after trading algorithms. Join us in our pursuit of technological advancement and fairness.

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