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3 min readJan 13, 2022
With the release of multi token algorithms, the platform is now complete!

Making Your Dreams Come True

Crypto can be confusing and overwhelming. With hundreds of different tokens launching every day of the year, it’s easy to lose track and not know when or what to invest in.

That’s where Mercor comes into play!

The biggest update of the Mercor platform just released, multi token algorithms!

Single pair algorithms, the type of algo’s that are currently running on the Mercor platform, are trading strategies that perform buy- and sell orders automatically, making crypto-investing as laid-back as possible. These algo’s trade between one pair (two single tokens) of crypto tokens at the same time. In only the first month of Mercor’s beta version, various algorithms showed profits of 70% or even more. To get an idea, check out this video that summarizes the value of algorithmic trading:

Multi token algorithms are the exact same concept, but this time trading up to 50 different crypto tokens, all at the same time. Always wanted to invest in crypto, but never knew with what coin to start? Let the algorithms decide for you. Need more time to manage your packed crypto-portfolio? Let an algorithm do the trading. Don’t know when or what to buy, or when to sell? Algorithms do. Sold at the dip? Bought at the top? Leave it up to the bots.

Imagine trading 50 tokens at the same time. Continuously.

Recently, LX Trading, a successful developer on the platform, was our guest in an official AMA in our Telegram chat. LX will be deploying the first premium multi token algorithm on the Mercor platform and shared pretty exciting news: some of their algo’s showing annual results of more than 1200%!

With simultaneous trading in up to 50 tokens, the possible gains are something most crypto enthusiasts only dream of. Good thing Mercor makes dreams come true!

The distribution of an example multi token algorithm

Of course, at a certain point, you may want to withdraw your gains. Mercor created a unique DeFi protocol that will enhance your passive earning through Mercor. With every withdrawal, a fee of 10% will be incurred on the profit. This fee will be used to buy back $MRCR tokens on the market (automatically). This creates continuous and ever increasing buying pressure. Besides, half of these tokens will be sent to the new staking contract and will be divided as additional APY for stakers. This means more passive income!

A visualization of how the fees are distributed

If you missed the news around the Mercor staking pools, read everything below:

The Most Unique Staking Protocol in DeFi

The new version of Mercor, including powerful multi token algorithms, will be live on January 10th!

Mercor Makes Trading Easy

You are aware that you should invest your money but don’t know where to start, don’t know how to start. Or simply don’t have the time for it. It happens to all of us.

Mercor Finance fixes your issues. At Mercor, one can invest in machines, called algorithms (or bots, strategies, you name it), that does the trading for you!

Algorithms are pre-programmed trading strategies that perform buy- and sell orders with the best timing and with the fastest speed and therefore, for the most optimal prices. These bots do this all the time, every time. Around the clock, all year long.

On top of that, they reach unmatched results. For instance, various trading bots on the Mercor platform reached profits of nearly 70% in not even a month.

The trading algorithms deployed on the Mercor platform are created by talented developers and hedge funds. You can do it too. Mercor makes exclusive developer tools accessible, and in this way enables for everyone to earn a buck by creating and deploying trading algorithms.

Curious yet?

Take a look below:

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